Our Services

Our goal is to upskill and support, not supplant, energy consultants and OEMs in developing energy transition pathways for New Zealand industry. By day, we are university lecturers and researchers active in teaching budding engineers and using pinch analysis in our research. 

We typically support businesses by: (1) peer-reviewing energy decarbonisation projects, (2) hosting or participating in energy transition brainstorming sessions, and (3) developing an applied research collaboration in our university capacity.

Energy Transition Brainstorming

Getting the right energy transition solution is all about asking the right questions. We bring to the table a deep understanding of pinch analysis and its latest developments, process and utility technology and years of applied research experience. 

We can support energy consultants and industrial companies with energy transition brainstorming sessions, both before and after applying pinch analysis, to identify low cost and innovative energy decarbonisation pathways. 

Applied Research Collaboration

Partnerships of university and industry can help answer the most challenging energy transition questions. The Ahuora Centre for Smart Energy Systems at the University of Waikato is designed as a vehicle to facilitate industry-relevant energy research projects.

As an engineering research centre, we aim to produce highly skilled graduates who can make a difference in New Zealand's energy transition journey, and this can only be realised through effective university-industry collaborations.